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What makes you special?

AYURVEDA knows that each person is born a unique, and perfect, combination of elements. And then LIFE happens..... 

The seasons change, we encounter stress daily, and we can begin to feel as though we are stuck, or as if something is off.  I can offer simple tools tailored uniquely for YOU to help bring you back into balance. Feeling good doesn't have to be super complicated, or empty your bank account. Instead I can help you tap into your natural rhythm and bring it more in sync with nature's cycles. I offer a variety of sessions to give you the power of rebuilding your Health.  Please contact me directly for any questions, or to see if Ayurveda is right for you.   

What to expect

We start with a conversation. About you, about your routine, about what's happening in your life. Then we come up with a plan, starting small, and right away.  Using the  modern science combined with ancient technology, we can treat you as a whole person and get to the root of the symptoms. 

Investment Options

90 minute Consultation $125

Consultation + 4 60-minute sessions $425

Follow Up 4-Pack 60-minute sessions $325

Single 60-minute session $100


Blissin' on Budget

30-minute specialty focused sessions $50

Choose from: