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Make Everything Sacred

One of my big intentions has been to “make every moment sacred”, and I don’t necessarily mean completely in the woo-woo sense, only half-woo! :) Let me explain by first owning that I live a pretty privileged life.

I’m able to support myself by teaching yoga, and with a pretty cushy schedule. I have 2 legs, all 10 fingers and toes; by most accounts I'm in great health. I’m able to do my work from home, and spend time with my 17 year old dog, who although most of his days are behind him is rather healthy. My parents, while divorced pretty early in my life, always made a point to show me I was loved, told me I was special and that I could do anything. I was born into a life with many inherent privileges; and thus, afforded many opportunities.

I could spin an equally long list of complaints, challenges, or wishes for my life, but at the end of the day my life is pretty sweet. And yet, I still find myself getting caught up in the minutiae and rushing from one event on my calendar to the next, in a constant frenzy of checking off to-do list items. I would love nothing more than to just show up and teach yoga, and yet there are so many more expectations for today’s yoga teacher. We are encouraged to create new streams of income via writing, coaching, massage, etc, while maintaining a strong online/social media presence that will help develop our brand...pretty sure I missed that part of the Yoga Sutras!!

But what is present in the sutras is the concept of Ishvara pranidhana. Traditionally, this principle takes on a religious flavor, and refers to a guru/god/higher power, in that it asks us to surrender to something greater in the universe than us, and to have a little trust/belief. How this lands for me brings me back to my intention: seeing the sacredness in the everyday. When I remember to see the guru/god/higher power in the daily tasks, an extra sparkle, or duty to complete the task, appears. I’m no longer simply going through the motions, I’m able to act from a space of connection, and from this space is where everything flows like honey.

As Ram Dass says, “Treat everyone you meet like they are god in drag,”

Even the challenging people/circumstances that send all sacredness out the window and down the street. Add in that sprinkle of sacred - change your perspective.


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