Yoga Teacher Mentorships
with Elemental Moon Yoga School

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So you finished your teacher training, now what?

Feeling isolated, or even burned out from the daily Yoga teacher hustle?

Or maybe you just want to stay connected to an amazing community of folks who LOVE to talk about Yoga, and not just the asanas?

New 1:1 mentorships + monthly membership club are HERE! 


A LOT of what I do today I had to figure out on my own. Or piece together through many years of workshops, thousands of hours of teaching, over-priced mentorships that left me unsatisfied, all while devouring all the books possible.


Oh, and I made A LOT of mistakes. :)


In this group-style mentorship, I’ll offer a framework to support you as a Yoga teacher, my direct feedback on projects, and a space to try new things, with a community that wants you to succeed.


Whether you are a new teacher, or seasoned and looking for a spark, this group mentorship program is ready to support you.

No gimmicks, promises of sales, or fantasy of one perfect path to success. 



  • A support system for Yoga teachers

  • A framework for organization + growth


  • A awesome community of badasses


  • New-ish Yoga teachers


  • Teachers who have been on a hiatus, and want to sharpen their skills in this brave new world


  • Teachers craving a little spark, or seeking a community who gives AF



  • Help teachers get into groove


  • Give support for questions


  • Build a community of trust, accountability, and inspired passion


Meet Grace (she/her)

I'm currently located in Charlotte, NC (Catawba and Sugaree land). My passions are rooted in science and equality, which inform my teaching of Yoga, and how I show up in the world.  I spent 5 years in the fast-paced, and high-pressure, scientist world where I conducted research for UNC-Chapel Hill in the intersecting fields of nutrition, genetics, and neuroscience. 


 I study, and teach, from a long lineage that believes that life is inherently beautiful, and that the path of Yoga is a tool set to better navigate the many twists and turns. Specifically, from the Tantra and Himalayan Traditions of Sri Vidya. 

 My classes, whether restorative or flow, are infused with my passions, and quest for magic and joy. 


 I am a student first, and humbled to call myself a teacher of Yoga. I honor Asana as one tool, of many. I am always willing to evolve and (un)learn.

Learn more about me, my social location, spiritual lineage, and my heart's commitment to my highest truth here.  


I've created this program to help teachers works smarter, not harder; fill in gaps from YTT; share my experiences as a former studio director turned solo-preneur; and offer a space for feedback and community. 



Give me ALL the deadlines

This option is for folks who thrive with real-life interactions, flexible due dates for projects, accountability, and can attend "most" of the sessions live.  

You will receive priority on feedback for projects and practice teaches.


Payment plans are available.

(10 students max. with rolling enrollment)


12 mos. Commitment

$550 - 2 FREE months 


6 mos. Commitment

$275 - 1 FREE month



$55 per month


Team: New Moon

I work at my own pace


This option is for folks who work best at their own pace, zero due dates for projects, and can't attend the sessions live.  


You will receive feedback for projects and practice teaches.  


Sliding scale, and payment plans are available. 

(no student max. with rolling enrollment)

12 mos. Commitment 

$111 - $333 - 2 FREE months


6 mos. Commitment 

$55-187 - 1 FREE month



No Team :)

Give me 1:1 magic

This option is for folks who thrive with personal attention, have lots of specific questions, and require accountability.


This option also includes an Ayurvedic assessment. 

You will receive priority on feedback for projects and practice teaches.


Payment plans are available.

(3 students max. per quarter, with rolling enrollment)

1 session



3 sessions

$303 - spread out over 3 mos.


6 sessions 

$555 - spread out over 3 or 6 mos.


10 sessions

$888 - spread out over 5 or 10 mos.

Team: Full Moon 

Purple Buds

Each Month:

  • 1 90-minute live lecture + discussion with Grace

  • Weekly group work sessions

  • Reading assignments

  • Journaling prompts

  • Usable materials to support you in your teaching

  • Practice teaching sessions

  • Special guest appearances from my friends

Enrollment opens 11/11/2021

The first 6 months will be laying a solid foundation for growing together, the second 6 months dives deeper into topics, and allows opportunities for refinement.

The first month launches in January 2022

Enrollment happens on a rolling basis.

10 spaces available for Team - Full Moon (Give me all the deadlines)

No limit for Team - New Moon (I work better at my own pace)

3 spaces available for 1:1's per quarter


One of the best parts YTT are the conversations that come, the random tangents that are followed, and the connections of knowledge that are made. Let's keep it going.


Community truly is EVERYthing, and it's not guaranteed.  Community requires a commitment to satya (truth) and a foundation of ahimsa (non harming). 


With great power, comes great responsibility.  We must hold ourselves accountable to the principles of Yoga.  Always strive to evolve, and never stop learning.  


Remembering to pause, and celebrate each accomplishment is almost as important as success. Otherwise, what's the point?! Celebrate each other, yourself, this opportunity to be alive and breathing. 

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Month One

Laying the Foundation

The Dreaded Bio

Business Sankalpa

Intention vs. Impact


Month Three

Ignite Your Passions


Teach with reverence 

Accessible, not just a buzz word

Image by Kym MacKinnon

Month Five

Embrace the Elements

Sun, Moon, and Fire Teaching

Ayurvedic considerations  

Pitta and Vata season

Image by Xavi Cabrera

Month Seven


Sankalpa tune-up

Remember your future

Create your business plan

Camp Fire

Month Nine

Tend to your fire


Teach with reverence 

Accessible, not just a buzz word


Month Eleven

Know Your Elements

Sun, Moon, and Fire Teaching

Ayurvedic considerations  

Vata and Kapha season

Crane at Work

Month Two

If You Build It

Social media game plan

Online teaching

5-pillars of classes

Image by Federico Beccari

Month Four


Pranayama + Meditation

Slow Flow Vs. Power Flow

Inclusive + Empowering Cues

Sparkling Lights

Month Six

Sparkle and Shine

Creating unique offerings

Workshops, Retreats, 1:1's

Honor light and dark

Image by Breno Machado

Month Eight


Yoga off the mat

Community care

Yoga in action

Image by Matt Palmer

Month Ten

Expand your techniques

Pranayama + Meditation

Restorative Yoga

Inclusive + Empowering Cues

Image by -

Month Twelve


Creating unique offerings

Workshops, Retreats, 1:1's

Honor light and dark