Nourish Your Nervous System - A 3-part Series

Dates:  Tuesday December 1st + 8th + 15th (together or separate) 

Time:  6:30pm - 8pm

Sliding Scale Price: $10 - $20 per class, Bundle all 3 for $40

Life comes at you fast...good thing your nervous system is wired to quickly restore you back to balance.

Sometimes, the waves come a little too quickly, and the build up may feel like too much to successfully surf, and we end up treading water, which can lead to extreme fatigue. Luckily, there are many resources that can help us recognize imbalance, and offer a path through.  This workshop was designed to give you a variety of tools to choose from while empowering you with knowledge from modern neuroscience, and Yogic philosophy. 


Each session will contain an informative dharma talk, relevant practice, and take-home inquiry.  These sessions can be attended separately, or all together. Each session will be recorded, and shared with attendees. 


Session 1 December 1st: Your Nervous System 101 

We will break down the basics of your nervous system, and the stress response. Our practice will be an Asana based practice to ground our bodies, and calm the nervous system. The asana practice will be a mixed levels flow, with modifications offered.  


Session 2 December 8th: The Yoga Sutras + The Mind (Manos)

We will dive into the Yoga Sutras and discover what Patanjali said about the mystic mind, and the ways in which we mentally stand in our own way.  Our practice will be Meditation and Inquiry based, with some gentle movement to help us sit more easefully.


Session 3 December 15th: Yoga Nidra - A Special Brain State  

I don’t want to call one session my favorite but….Yoga Nidra is the bridge between modern neuroscience and the ancient practices. We will learn the fundamentals of this special brain state of Yoga Nidra, and then experience the practice.

Bundle all 3 for $40

Request a full or half scholarship here. 

(Re)Wired for Joy - An Online Workshop

Date:  Sunday December 27th

Time:  2pm - 4:30pm

Sliding Scale Price: $22-44

There’s a neuroscience saying that goes “Whatever fires together, wires together.” 


These short cuts are usually beneficial, or at least adaptive but sometimes these previously wired thoughts/beliefs/patterns are no longer useful. These ruts (but also your groove) are named Samskaras in Yogic philosophy, and according to both modalities these patterns can be broken, and intentionally (or not) rewired.  

Why not choose JOY?!

In this 2.5 hour workshop we will discuss some nervous system basics, touch on neuroplasticity, and discover the connections with Yogic philosophy.

Hint: What do samskaras have to do with emotional awareness?


Once we get clear, we will create….a Sankupla that is!! Forget resolutions, and empty intentions!

Let’s dive deeper into our heart’s biggest and most authentic desires.

More than a simple intention, Sankulpa inspires action. 


After creation, comes the really good part….we rest! Yoga Nidra style. With our Sankupla clearly defined, we will take the practice of Yogic sleep to plant the seeds of our heart into the vastness of the universal planting field. 


The workshop will be recorded and shared with attendees, and the Yoga Nidra will be shared separately for continued practice.


Scholarships are available, on a pay what you can basis.

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Business Strategies for Yoga Teachers

With Special Guest Teacher Raudhah Rahman

Begins Tuesday, January 5th 2021

Sliding Scale Price: $75 - $150


Reimagine what alignment looks like to your Yoga business. Starting a yoga business or any business is not an easy feat, it can sometimes feel like you are hustling all day every day. And this can feel overwhelming and at times isolating.


Learn how to be in alignment with your dharma, prioritize community care, and create opportunities to empower underrepresented identities. 


In this incubator, you will be given tools to (re)discover and (re)build your strategic Yoga path, a clear plan to move forward, and support from a group of like-hearted super souls. 


You will be receiving three Pre-recorded resources and three live co-working spaces with Grace and Raudhah offering expert guidance.


You will walk away with action steps towards your goals, authentic copy to share your offerings, and the confidence to shine your light with the world.


6 CEU’s will be available. 

Creating a yoga business with impactful intention.


Part 1: Where did I park my dharma?

Getting intentional with our Yoga businesses.

Jan 5th: Pre-recorded session.

January 12th: Co-working space


Part 2: WTF is an Ideal Client?

Ripping up the average business model to be more inclusive, and community focused.

January 19th: Pre-recorded session

January 26: Co-working space


Part 3: From Follower to Kula.

Making meaningful connections outside of social media. 

February 2: Pre-recorded session

February 9: Co-working space

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