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Retreat with me....

Tara Temple View Volcano 2021.jpg

To Bali, Indonesia!
The Magic of Life
September 13-20th, 2024
Two homes: Pondok PitayaBagus Jati
More details here.

To Lake Atitlán, Guatemala!
Rhythm & Flow

April 5th - 12th, 2025
Villa Sumaya Resort 
More info here

To Uvita, Costa Rica!
Summer Camp
August 2nd - 9th, 2025
Selva Armonia Immersive Resort
More info here.

To Sacred Valley Peru!
Journey to the Heart
March 8th -14th, 2026
Samadhi Sacred Valley
More info here

Keep scrolling for photos and testimonials from previous retreats. 


Sacred Valley, Peru - 2024 Samadhi Sacred Valley


Uvita, Costa Rica - 2023 Selva Armonia

Puerto Vallarta - 2022 Xinalani Eco-Resort

 Nosara, Costa Rica - 2019 The Bodhi Tree


"This yoga retreat was so special and magical.  The thoughtfulness showed through the diversity of teachings, knowledge shared and their respect and love for all living things. ... I am so grateful for this experience, to take a pause , to laugh, to cry, to be, to connect with other beautiful souls on their own spiritual evolution and gain a deeper connection with myself. Thank you and much love!"

"They found a great resort in a beautiful location. Travel to and from the resort was taken care of, as was COVID testing. They were quick to respond to my emails leading up to the trip. The accommodations were very comfortable, and I felt connected to nature while we were there. The food was fantastic. Twice daily yoga classes in a variety of styles, and they imparted a lot of intention and themes into our practice. The experience was healing. Fantastic job of balancing activities with free time, and there were several fun activities / excursions. Overall the trip was great - checked all the boxes!"

"Truly amazing time. I found a grounding and a re-centering of my soul and consciousness. The workshop helped me grow as a person and feel more confident about who I am and how I live my life. Living from the heart can be scary, but also deeply rewarding."

"Every detail of the trip was handled gracefully from the moment we landed at the airport to our departure. It was so nice to be able to come on vacation without having to plan out much of anything. You could tell they put a lot of hard work and consideration into planning this trip & I feel so grateful to have been a part of it."

"The amount of love and planning that went into this retreat was so obvious. i appreciated all of the different forms of yoga we practiced, as well as gaining an understanding of the local culture. I swam in a waterfall, did yoga on the beach as the sun rose, pet some local puppies, rode horses as the sun set and I made friends that i hope to have for a lifetime. The past few years have been hard for almost all of the world, and what a gift to find some healing surrounded by such beauty and love."

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