Grace Millsap (500 ERYT, Ayurveda Wellness Counselor) is a lover of life, science geek, and passionate advocate for all forms of health, for all forms of people.  While physical well-being may have gotten Grace onto a mat for the first time, she kept coming back for the peace, clarity, and overall joy she gained from the practice. Grace spent 5 years in the fast-paced, and high-pressure, scientist world where she conducted research research for UNC-Chapel Hill in the intersecting fields of nutrition, genetics, and neuroscience.  In 2013, she completed her first yoga teacher training, and immediately began to draw connections between modern science, and ancient yogic science and philosophy. Since then, Grace’s heart has been set on fire, and she has taught over 2000 hours in Charlotte, local and international retreats, yoga festivals, and her classes can be found online at  Yoga Vibes. Grace co-created “Ethics in the Yoga Community”, a dynamic series that looks at the tough topics in the community through facilitated panel discussions and group practices to foster trust and connection, and was featured in Yoga Journal. Grace’s classes include the weaving of ancient tantric technology with a focus on breath and presence. When not teaching, you can find Grace with her nose in a science book, lounging with her teenager “puppy” Fizzgig, and soaking in the goodness of the many waves of life.




October 19th - 24th Virtual Class Schedule




9:30am ~ Slow Flow Beats

12pm ~ 45minute Lunch Vinyasa


12pm ~ 45minute Lunch Vinyasa

NEW class Wednesday nights 6:30pm - Unknown Brewing


12pm ~ 45-minute Power Flow


Extra Opportunities to Flow/Grow

Wednesday, October 21st 6:30pm Vinyasa at Unknown Brewing $5 

Thursday October 22nd 7pm OUTSIDE Glow Yoga with DropSound Headphones at The Music Yard hosted by Sweatnet ($5 for members)

Sunday, November 1st 3pm Rest and Rejuvenate with Grace & Zen Within - Outdoor Yoga + Sound Bath at Whitehead Manor

Save The Date!

Tuesday, December 1 + 8 + 15 6:30pm - 8pm Nourish Your Nervous System - Online Series CEU's available   

Saturday December 26th 2pm - 4pm Wired for Joy - Online Workshop CEU's Available

Tuesday's in January 2021  Business Strategies for Yoga Teachers - Online Series with Raudhah Rahman CEU's Available



Opportunities to dive deeper, and connect more

Follow Your Bliss: Retreat to Costa Rica

November 2021!

Dates and Details soon!


Elemental Moon Yoga Teacher Training!

Next class begins June 11th, 2021


Can't make it live? Find me on or my personal YouTube channel. 

Yoga Vibes

Yoga Vibes is an amazing online yoga platform, with access to teachers all over the world. They offer a 15-day FREE trial! After that, use "GraceVibes" to save $50 on your yearly subscription.

You Tube

Yep! I created a YouTube Channel. I've got you covered with guided meditations, asana flows, and restorative deep stretch practices.


What Grace's students are saying...

"Grace leads with heart in her deep stretch class, which makes for a marvelous yoga experience. Came back today to participate in this class again."
"Grace's class was so creative and playful - it was really unlike any other class I had taken. Thank you for having me - I'll be back!"
"I’ve been to a few of Grace’s Deep Stretch Yoga classes lately, both standard and heated. I play tennis and kickbox regularly and have found these classes really restore the body. She does a great job walking through the poses and mixing up her routine without neglecting the essentials. What I admire perhaps the most is that she provides a tranquil environment and genuinely integrates meditative/spiritual aspects to her yoga. I believe she is one of the best instructors I have found in Charlotte and highly recommend anyone to try one of her classes. Thank you Grace!"

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