Intentional Life

To be honest, I don't think I've ever really made a New Year's resolution. I was always more of a "make changes during the summer months that slowly trickled off as obligations mounted in the fall months" type of person. Maybe it's the 2 college degrees that have me programed for summer, but for whatever reason resolutions never appealed to me. A few years ago I started setting intentions for the year ahead, something I could return to again and again. 2017 was all about trust, 2018 was transcendence, and 2019 focused on humbleness and awe. Each year's intention both cradled me and kicked my ass! Sometime during the summer of 2019, "clarity & prosperity" started creeping in as new business ventures sprouted and rooted. I thought those words were meant to carry me through 2020, as nothing new had blatantly shown up. Then, it happened! The first Monday of 2020, I felt myself rushing to get ready and wasn't overly enthused as I was coming off of a magical 5-day station. I was mindlessly brushing my teeth and I remembered some other words "make every moment sacred". I realized that in all my big plans, I was missing the specialness of being fully present for the most mundane of life experience. I needed to slow down and appreciate the flow of my life, which currently looks like a super busy 3 days of teaching, and then 4 spacious days without teaching. My pattern to to fill space with things to do, and my broken record phrase of my 20's was "I'm busy" or "I'm working". Just a few weeks into this year, I'm already enjoying the slower pace, and am able to be more intentional in my decisions. Taking time off to start my year was a bold step in declaring my own needs for space and rest. I know that I'm in charge of my calendar, and have even looked ahead and blocked off more space in the months I usually exhaust myself. My calendar still looks full and exciting as I look ahead, but for once I feel like I will enjoy the space between a little bit more. When I remember the sacredness of this one wild life, I'm less likely to fill the space with randomness. The spaciousness allows for the magic to unfold, which once again reminds how truly sacred life, and space, can be.

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