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Elemental Inspiration - My Creative Process

Is best summed up with infamous quote “Write drunk, and edit sober.”

(often attributed to Ernest Hemingway but a quick google search reveals that inaccuracy - and muddiness in who may have actually said it but maybe influenced by William Faulkner)

First, I’m not advocating for us all to go get drunk - in fact I’ve been alcohol-free since December 2021. What this reminds me of is that it requires different parts of my brain to do the different things.

For clarity, let’s relabel “drunk” as my moon-brain and “sober” as my sun-brain.

I rely on my moon-brain for unbridled creativity that can expand far and wide; my sun-brain is my admin brain that wrangles the moon into the package that is necessary for the idea. My moon side needs space to flourish. My sun-brain has typically been my dominant side, so I’m learning to let this side chill (although this side does support my choices to organize retreats, trainings, etc). My moon-brain works in colors, papers, pencils, markers and crayons. My sun-brain works on screens and details.

My brain analogy: my brain often works like a stove top.

I’ll put ideas/programs/dreams to “simmer” - yeah sure sometimes I run out of usable space, or stuff runs out of steam because I forget to tend to it. If these simmering pots are ever to become meals, I still need to set aside time to put together the ingredients - which requires more of a chunk of time. But just like raw veggies - they need a little time to marinate and simmer so the cook time can be efficient.

Example: I knew I wanted to rework a major project. I struggled with finding the space for the massive pot of simmering veggies to be properly cared for. I took an opportunity to take charge of an awkward family moment by visiting my hometown and getting an airbnb (specifically with an amazing porch!) close by. I had 1 full day to kinda chill out and my plan was to get this project done. I had all my materials and favorite crafting supplies - pens, markers, paper, stickers. I started my day with a virtual yoga class from a friend I met while traveling, ordered in food so I didn’t have to pause, made pretty colors with my pastels, and spent time watching the wind blow through the trees. I had laid all my materials out and when the time came - I got to work. Like a mad scientist - the ideas poured on the pages, and in record time. I maybe worked a total of 2-ish hours. And that’s been my roadmap for the past 6-months for my yoga group mentorship program. Tbh…I kinda don’t remember doing all the things and have moments of “dangggg….I wrote that then?” Moon, and then sun.

Or another way of presenting this from an Ayurvedic lens….

Vata energy is needed to access the wide spectrum of creative possibility - but Vata needs boundaries in which to flow kindly (versus the more destructive quality that Vata may possess). Pitta energy is necessary to make the Vata dreams solid (and in some cases marketable and saleable). And kapha rolls in with a sense of knowing it’s all going to work out and feeling steady in your purpose.

When feeling Stuck…

Then move your energy!

  • Some of my favorite ways:

  • Dance party

  • Nature walks

  • Home organization

  • Take a break

  • Go to your power spot

  • Get in moving water

  • Brain dump

  • Get tf out of town

  • Stay in your own lane

When experiencing doubt…

Try these affirmations to boost your mojo.

  • I have a unique gift and expression that needs to be in this world.

  • Comparison is the ruiner of Creativity.

  • Money is Prana, Prana is infinite, energy flows to/through me.

  • My work has value.

  • The Universe needs me to share my magic.

  • Creation is the divine speaking through you - use your spirit voice and create.

It's taken me yearsss to understand my own rhythms of creation and not burn myself out just because the muse is visiting. Learning to establish creative routines and boundaries have been key in my process.

And I'm still evolving...I just started reading The Artist's Way by Julia Cameron and am LOVING the opportunities to connect deeper to my inner artist.


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