I had zero interest in being a yoga teacher, why did I even sign up for YTT?!

About 8 years ago, I was putting my finishing touches on my second attempt at grad school.  I was interested in pursuing my PhD to study the brain, and the effects of a long-term yoga practice. I was having issues finding THE program, and was determined to apply that year. In hindsight, I was really just in a hurry for my path take me far away from Charlotte, NC.  Spoiler: it didn't work out!  Surprisingly, none of the programs that I was halfway interested in, were interested in me, go figure!   Instead of sulking in my failure, I decided to sign up for yoga teacher training, and learn more about the yoga side, so "I could conduct better scientific research studies".  I had zero desire to ever teach a yoga class. HA!

Fast forward to today, and I can't imagine my life any different! I feel like trying to fit back into the 9-5 life would be like trying to cage a wild unicorn, and I don't think it would work out. I don't expect everyone who completes YTT to swear off conventional life, in fact the type of yoga I teach promotes keeping your daily life and finding the yoga within it!

One of the biggest questions I get about teacher training is "What if I don't want to teach yoga?"

I totally get it!  So many people begin a teacher training without wanting to teach yoga.  While you don't have to be on the same nerd mission as me, yoga teacher training has the potential to shift your yoga practice, world perspective, and power up your daily life.  

Did you know that poses have different energetics, as do the seasons, and time of the day?!  Learning how to harness these natural flows is like gaining a super power!!

I created Elemental Moon Yoga Teacher with the intention to give people knowledge to choose their best practices depending on where they are in the moment. My top-notch team of teachers focus on these subtle nuance to empower students to take this knowledge onto their mat, AND into the world.  The study of Yoga has many layers, and by taking apart the layers of the practice, it's like gaining new tools in your tool belt of life, or a new lens in which to view the world around you. The tools I've gained through my trainings were more than about teaching a 60-90 minute asana class, they enabled me to step away from a life that was no longer serving me, and level up my entire universe into one of my liking.  I humbly seek to pass on the wealth of knowledge I've been gifted over the years from both the science and yoga worlds, while sparking a flame within my students that will empower them on and off the mat to be their best and most authentic selves. 

So wait, all of that while talking about yoga poses??  One of the first things you will learn is that the yoga asanas are just 1 limb (of 8) in the big picture of Yoga. This training is designed to give you the big picture, and also weaves in modern <and ancient> science. 

 <Psst....there’s even a discount if you’ve already earned your 200 hour>

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