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My BIG 3

Now I’m not super into all the random (and recognized) holidays - but there’s nothing I love more than a new beginning.

January 1st, my birthday, Monday, this breath or that breath, just because - whatever excuse to start fresh and begin again.

I often giggle because as a yoga teacher I offer “Be here now” and as a small business I’m always looking years ahead.

Tbh…I’ve been READY for 2023 adventures for monthsssss and also making purposeful moves to insure my sanity.

Because…BIG announcement:

I’m going back to school!!! Massage therapy school this time.

This decision came from a year of being in curiosity - what’s next?

I KNEW I wanted some deeper education and was uncertain of specifically what I was seeking. My pattern is to JUMP ALL IN to new rabbit holes, but I knew that this time I wanted it to be different.

I considered several routes and was surprised when massage therapy landed in my lap.

An excerpt from my essay to apply:

I feel like there was a time in my life when I would have written this essay from a place of writing what I thought you (the reader) wanted to hear.

Luckily, I turned 40 in March and that person no longer takes up space in my brain.

Truthfully, when I graduated from my first Yoga Teacher Training program in 2013 a friend asked me, “So when are you going to become a massage therapist?” I laughed and confidently replied “Never.”

So yeah…it’s never o’clock - because here we are! (And obviously my essay took a turn in a different direction and I was told that I'm "exactly the type of student they are looking for" - lol)

I’ve spent the last few months organizing my life, paring down my commitments, and getting my a$$ in school-ready-mode aka slowly freaking out and feeling overwhelmed before I get started. <big breath> ATHA YOGA ANUSHASANAM

And NOW begins the practice of Yoga.

Yoga Sutra 1.1

The magic word here is ATHA - now begins

It’s a beginning, and not just any beginning - an auspicious one! ATHA has a sense of sanctity and may also serve as an invocation.

As a teacher, when I say these words, it’s my agreement to share my experience of yoga.

As a student, I commit to following instructions until I experience Yoga. For me in 2023 - this means tripling-down on my commitments to myself. And it looks like this: The Power of 3 or the Big 3 (still working on the official title) Just 3 things I can do on the daily basis at ANY time that support my overall serenity. For me it's

  1. Sit - even if just for 3 breaths, maybe even for 3 minutes. Can also involve pulling an intention card for the day, chanting mantra, or playing my singing bowl. On the lucky days - all of the above.

  2. Move - asana, walk, dance, and strength training are my favorite ways these days.

  3. Create - something just for fun and just for me. Lately, I've been dabbling in the realm of artist with pastels (both oil and soft) and on my iPad in Procreate. It's something I've told myself I'm bad at, so it's been extra fun to prove myself wrong. And besides EVERYone can create art!!

Question: What's your Big 3?

Just 3 things you can commit to on a daily basis that support your over-all well-being.

Anana Harris Parris talks about several categories of self-care in her book Self-Care Matters: A Revolutionary Approach.

  1. Spiritual/Emotional

  2. Economic

  3. Artistic

  4. Physical

  5. Educational

  6. Social

The last thing I want to add to your life (and mine) is another check-list. And I LOVE lists and checking them!!

For me, the Big 3 feels more like the glue - to what could potentially feel like a rather chaotic time. Remembering to sit, move and create brings me back into the NOW-ATHA, while continuing to plan for my future.

Truly, the work is never done!

AND I'm so so so grateful to be HERE!!

Take good care of your hearts, my friends. And always remember that YOU are magic!


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