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Travel Essentials - An Ayurvedic Perspective

As I am preparing to travel, I’m having those first time jitters!

The last plane I was on was 3/12/2020 from Barcelona and yeahhh…it was chaotic af

Tbh...I've had a pretty vigorous travel protocol ever since my first visit to Las Vegas in 2005. on the way there, infirmary on the way back. ;)

This time is no different, I’m building my confidence by leaning in to my tools of Ayurvedic wisdom.

Travel = vata! Air + ether

When vata is balanced, all systems run smoothly—breath is efficient, elimination like clock-work, and communication is effortless-ish. Travel, especially by air, can disturb internal forces of Vata. This may show up emotionally like: overwhelm, scattered, forgetful, or anxious; and physically like gas, bloating, fidgeting, restlessness, or dryness. Coupled with extra pressure to make this trip perfect, and hello Vata-derangement...and maybe even the dreaded vacation melt-down. (or maybe that's just me?!)

Even though I'm trading the NC fall weather (Vata season) for tropical lushness (hello pitta), I still need to mindful of the delicate balance of elements, and their tendencies to shift.

Routine, grounding, and NOT hitting the ground running will be some of my best travel hacks!

Here’s what’s on my list of MUST pack:

Nasya oil - one of my favorite vata tools! Oil for the nasal passage, which WILL produce mucous to counter any excess dryness.

⛰ Green powder - even though I try my best, I can't always be in charge of the food choices while traveling. Green powder is a life-saver for getting extra nutrition. I love going to local stores, and picking up juice to make it extra tasty.

⛰ Oil blend - aromatherapy for the win! I shop local, and pay an oil-y friend for a blend. This time, I'm rolling with Jean's Apothecare Root's

⛰ Coconut oil - A jar of coconut oil is truly my #1 thing I HAVE to bring while traveling. Abhyanga is my non-negotiable daily-sh tool. It not only calms Vata, it's soothing for my finicky skin, and cooling for the tropical vibes pro tip: put this in the fridge over night and BAM it's a solid! :) Guide to Abhyanga, if you are intrigued

⛰ Black Tourmaline - stone of protection, and grounding. BONUS: when I take it out of my pocket for security, it usually makes for a fun conversation, or at least a side-eye

⛰ Ginger tea - good for the traveling belly! Soothing, anti-inflammatory, and yummy! I usually opt for Trader Joe's

Another important piece is to keep some resemble of a routine. When in doubt, go for the bookends...morning and evening (or afternoon if you are the going out at night type)! Keep it simple, and go for efficiency.

My BIG 3 of non-negotiable:

  1. Gratitude to start (and end) my day - no matter how it went

  2. Sit before coffee - screw the meme and catchy phrase

  3. Move my body intentionally - dance parties count

And the most important part: take time to transition from vacation mode to real-life. OOF...this one has been hard for me to learn.

I can't tell you how many times I landed, and rushed to teach, or work my shift. Or how many times, I've crammed more classes/shifts to compensate for my time off. Cue stress of travel, transfers, and the erratic airline industry.

NOPE! Take the extra night/day off.

Trust me on this one.

Don't rush back, savor the vacation vibes.

The same goes for your inbox. ;)


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