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What I Love Most

Each year on my birthday I find value in taking time to journal, reflect, and dream. This year I was inspired by an Instagram friend Sasha. She asked us to "name 10 things that we love" - so here it goes!

  1. Vacation pineapple - fresh, delicious, and straight from the source. I will eat it until my tongue is raw.

  2. The sound of a loved one's (or pet) breath as they sleep deeply.

  3. Inside jokes with longtime friends where no words are needed, only looks dissolved into giggles. Which leads me to...

  4. Laughing until it hurts.

  5. Watching the wind blow through the trees. Sometimes you have to get still to see it - but it's always there.

  6. Clarity in relationships and responsibility.

  7. When the moon is still up in the morning - it feels like I'm privy to a secret love affair.

  8. MACAWS!!

  9. Smells of fragrant flowers that stop me in my tracks: honeysuckles, stargazer lilies, jasmine

  10. The relics of my ancestors that adorn my home.


Such a beautiful practice! Try it!!


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