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When Plan A Doesn't Work

I had an A-HA moment this week when I realized that I don’t always have a Plan B.

More importantly, I tend to shut down and give up when Plan A doesn’t happen.

Hello Nap-time!

Solution: be more flexible! 😉

And not just my spine, but in my mind. ✨

Stuff happens!

3am dog walks 🐶

Clogged toilets 🚽

Rainy days 🌧

And those don’t have mean that I completely lose my day’s trajectory.

Yesterday was one of those days for me, so today I’m allowing for more ease.

Journal prompt for the days that start right:

“What is STILL possible today?

And one for the days that don’t end quite right:

“What am I proud of myself for doing today?”

Real life example:

Last week, I had BIG plans to leave my house (gasp!) and knock some work out with a coffee shop treat. As I was leaving, my front door wouldn't lock! My key would get stuck, and the lock wouldn't turn. Leaving my apartment unlocked isn't an option, so I was "stuck at home". I felt myself starting to spiral, and I took the ever important PAUSE...

I remembered my tools of inquiry and said: "What is still possible today?" And I made myself a cup of coffee, and had a super productive morning.

I'm constantly amazed at how simple interrupting my thoughts "can" be, and also remember how sometimes I spiral so far down that I don't remember the PAUSE.

And those other days, are when the second question helps reorient my vision to gratitude:

What am I proud of myself for doing today?

Most days, my answer is simple:

I showed up. I'm still standing. I'm still here.

One can never have enough tools to pull from when it comes to feeling better on the not-so-great days. Maybe these can help support you.


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