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No more excuses...Cooking During Distancing

I've spent much of my life making excuses for not taking the time to cook my own food. The truth is, it was never a priority, and I worked in restaurants for much of my life. As I slowly weaned myself off the grab 'n go lifestyle of the service industry, I found myself loathing the whole process of cooking. Most recipes required the gathering of ingredients, multiple stores to visit either online or in-person, and then super obnoxious, and long, written words lamenting over their process...promise this is almost over!

Over the years, I've slowly amassed random spices, ingredients, and cooking devices that make life easier. And I've found recipes that don't guilt or shame me into perfection. So without further hoopla, here's one of my new favorite recipes! I've included my pro-tips...aka many failed attempts, messes, and stories better left untold. Happy eating!

Edit: I may add more, who knows?!


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