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Routine, Routine, Routine

As the seasons are transitioning, it’s extra important to establish a routine to help weather the shifting winds.

We commonly call these last few months “Summer” and these next few “Fall”, but through the Ayurvedic lens, we are moving from Pitta (same Summer months-ish) to Vata (September-February-ish).

ISH...because the qualities of the seasons tend to blend, mesh, and transform together using a bit of elemental logistics, quantum physics, and universal law + magic.

Vata = air + ether

Vata = that which moves things

As colder, and drier, air rolls in, our physical bodies are subject to these strong forces. Without a sturdy container, we may just expand so far there’s barely anything left.

We each have these qualities of air + ether within us (although in varying amounts), which is open to influence by the seasonal shifts.

When in balance, Vata feels inspired to create harmony and beauty, while imbalance may have the qualities of hurricane.

One of the best things to do is to establish a daily routine, or Dinacharya in Sanskrit.

Think of your routine like bookends to your daily story, or sturdy bread to seal in the often-messy PBJ.

Consider these as “best” times, with the second “best” time being “whenever you can consistently commit) Tbh...I function “best” (as does my almost 16-year old puppy) by sleeping from 12am-7am. I adjust my routine accordingly

Morning = most important time of day

3am-6am (when the sun rises)

Eliminate first - pee, poop, tongue scrape, teeth cleaning

Then drink warm water

Oil pulling

Clean eyes



Abhyanga (Vata season) or dry brushing (kapha season)

Nasya or neti



The rest of the day...

Establish Consistent Times for Meals -This creates consistency for our bodies. It supports digestion, ensures that we eat at optimal times, reduces the propensity for snacking, and helps calm the nervous system by establishing another predictable pattern that our bodies can rely on.

Establish Lunch as the Main Meal - The digestive fire is strongest at mid-day, from about 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. This is therefore the best time to eat our main meal—especially for kapha-types, who can easily tend toward sluggish digestion.

Implement a Consistent Work Schedule -While this is not entirely possible for everyone, do it to the extent that it is possible for you. This provides another avenue toward predictability and supports a deeper sense of calm within the nervous system.

Keep an Appropriate Pace - Try not to overload, or over commit, keep your pace steady, and consistent.

Allow Time for Rest - Vata tends to feel overwhelm more easily than others. Keep the expectations light, and the schedule consistent.

Stick to a Consistent Dinner Time - allowing your body a minimum of 2–3 hours between dinner and bedtime. It may also mean eating a lighter dinner than we might otherwise be accustomed to.

These practices allow for proper digestion, prevent the unnecessary accumulation of toxins, and support healthy sleep patterns.

Create a Brief “Bedtime Routine” - simple series of events that helps to signal your body that the day is winding down and that you will be going to sleep soon. This practice can be incredibly helpful in supporting our ability to surrender to sleep.

  • Brushing the teeth

  • Washing the face

  • Applying oil to the feet and scalp

  • Other soothing, quieting activities that appeal to you

Establish a Consistent Bedtime - It is often helpful to work backward from your desired wake time and establish a sleep time that ensures that you get enough rest each night without being excessive.

At first, sticking to a routine may feel extra challenging (especially as this year winds down, or if you are already a strong Vata dosha). I promise you, it's worth the effort to contain the magic of Air + Ether, and learn to harness your own creativity.

Options to learn more:

  1. Book an 1:1 consultation with me! Discover your dosha, and get personalized tips on establishing your best routine.

  2. If local to Charlotte, I've got a workshop coming up!

With Ben Kalra & Grace Millsap

NoDa Yoga - Oakhurst Location

Sunday, September 21st 2-4pm


Two-hour workshop that aims to keep you movin’ and groovin’ through the season.

Expect seasonal lifestyle tips, centering breathwork, grounding asana, and time to rejuvenate. The asana portion will offer tools for ease and stability, with options for various levels. Come with an open mind, and playful spirit!


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