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My first podcast interview! "If You Only Had One Shot"

Back in the fall, I had the pleasure of talking with a dear friend, and yogini sister, Jesalyn Eatchel. Not only is she one of the nicest, most sincere people I've met on the journey, she has a podcast where she interviews amazing and inspiring women. We met on my first trip to California and the furthest I had ever traveled completely solo. It was an amazing week of study into my favorite topic, the connections between yoga and psychology, and the personal breakthroughs I experienced were monumental in my healing and momentum. The best part was the like-minded and heart centric people I met and even better, being able to stay connected through the magic of the internet. When I met Jesalyn, I was a nutritional research scientist who had an interest in doing research on yoga and quantitative brain neuro-plasticity (changes in the nervous system that occur after a regular yoga practice). I signed up for yoga teacher training with zero intentions of EVER actually teaching yoga. Listen to the podcast to find out a little more about making the leap (or maybe being pushed) into full-time yoga teaching glory. Also, check out the other amazing goddesses

and doing their work in the other episodes. Thank you, Jesalyn for the opportunity to connect and share a little piece of my journey.

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