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Dinosaurs Make me Happy!

Core Memory uploading - Dinosaurs!!!!!

Look - I’m not saying that running around and acting like a dinosaur for an hour solved all my problems BUT it most definitely made my inner child super happy.

Ok fineeee…my adult side was thrilled too!

And YES! I'm wearing my favorite dinosaur shirt!!

Backing up….Pee Wee’s Big Adventure is one of my all-time favorite movies and when I found out that 1️⃣ these dinos exist irl and 2️⃣ it was quite possible to make the drive there while on a recent road trip out West….I made it happen!!!

If you are a dork like me, they are located in Cabazon, California somewhere in between the Mohave Desert and L.A. It’s about $15 to enter the dino park and it’s complete with a variety of different dinos. Obviously, the highlight is being able to CLIMB INSIDE THE T-REX!!!

Bonus stars for roaring out it’s mouth at the folks below!!!

We all have our thing - the thing that makes us giddy and RAWR-ing loudly just for fun. Mine has shifted, multiple times, over the years. And it’s doesn’t matter that I turned 40 this year I LOVE dinosaurs!!

Glimmer (n) the exact opposite of a trigger—it is some kind of cue, either internal or external that brings one back to a sense of joy or safety (coined by Stephen Porges)

I’ve been working to collect a reservoir of glimmers - ya know for the dry(er) days.

Things like: Dinosaurs



This one particular memory from Costa Rica when a gang of monkeys systematically shook down the hotel, and the guests!

And obviously...Fizzgig!!

Things that make me smile when I spend a few moments giving them my attention.

I can’t always control the stuff that happens, but I’m often in charge of the ways in which I respond.

I may not always be able to prevent myself from losing my sh*t - but I can line the path home with sparkles and glimmers ✨

Cheers to more glimmers and resolving triggers!


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