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Freedom + Fulfillment

“The objective world, composed of elements and senses and having the inherent properties of illumination, action, and stability, has a two-fold purpose: fulfillment and freedom.” Yoga Sutra 2.18

(Translation by Pandit Rajmani Tigunait)

Being in this world this week has got me feeling:






Luckily, I’ve also been prepping for a YTT discussion of the Yoga Sutras.

No matter how many times I read these words, there is always a new gem. 💎

I think it’s because I’m always evolving, and the words hit a little different each time.

Reminding myself that this world is full of magic, connections, and beauty. ✨

I can be bombarded with everything that is wrong, I can choose to connect to my senses, nature, the elements and be renewed once more.

These elements have been a HUGE part of my healing journey, and form a portion of my Yoga school's name: Elemental Moon.

This name was gifted to me while sitting under my favorite tree, during a time of chaos and confusion.

In the same month:

  • Business partner break-up

  • Heart broken

  • Sun poisoning

  • Major idea crushed, and stolen, by the city of Charlotte

I found myself pacing often, and would take my intense walking/thinking outside and go sit in the park.

As soon as I would cross the park line, I would take off my shoes, and walk slower. I could feel the grass under my feet, and the squishy firmness of the earth just beneath it.

I would sit under my tree...the slightly crooked one that was resilient and wise.

Sometimes I would:






...often all of the above.

Some days, I would end up barefoot in the creek, marveling at the ways in which the light plays off the water.

Other days, the wind would ruffle through the trees, reminding me of my value as it's the same air flowing through my lungs.

Many times, it was just me on the far side of park, behind the trees, and nothing but wide open space all around me.

My favorite memories are when the animals would put on their drama-filled play of life in front of me. I challenge you to watch squirrels for more than 2 minutes without smiling big...seriously! Try it...they are so fun.

On my walk back, I would stay barefoot as long as possible, and notice a lightness in my step. Some days, I needed to walk to my park multiple times to clear my head, and each trip was filled with magic, and wonder. I even named the walk "Dragonfly Alley" for all the little friends who greeted me.

The last few years have been wild, and I don't foresee them slowing down.

"The carousel keeps on spinning..."

I may still want to run away, lose my phone, and go live in a cave where no wifi reaches…

OR I can stop and look around, and find fulfillment and freedom by what’s right in front of me.

AND maybe some days there’s room for both. ✨


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