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Freedom is just another word

"Freedom's just another word for nothing left to lose"

~ Janis Joplin

"Emancipate yourselves from mental slavery. None but ourselves can free our minds"

~ Bob Marley

"I think of a hero as someone who understands the degree of responsibility that comes with his freedom."

~ Bob Dylan

My intention for 2021 was a to create opportunities for my own personal liberation including:


✨Mental health


✨ My stories of my past

This declaration has allowed me to reassess the ways in which I spend my time and energy. I’ve spent most of my life with multiple jobs, and scattered focus. The great reset of 2020 forced me to do wayyy less than I’m comfortable with, and all that free time gifted me more than a few opportunities to think about...well to be honest...ALL THE THINGS.

According to the Vedic teachings, there are 5-layers to ourselves!

These layers, or Koshas, as commonly described as sheaths as they guard/block/cover our truest essence.

Visual Representation:

Physical layer (AnaMaya Kosha

Layer of breath, or energy (PranaMaya Kosha)

Mental layer (ManoMaya Kosha)

Layer of discernment (VijnaMaya Kosha)

Layer of Bliss (AnandaMaya Kosha)

Ask yourself:

✨ What does freedom/liberation feel like in the physical body?

For me, it’s an ability to move with the sensations. My Asana practice is super sensational right now, and I’m finding freedom in showing up and seeing what’s possible post wrist surgery.

✨ What does freedom feel like in the breath?

My first thought: how it feels when I’m missing breath, or my breath as been constricted due to a injury or physiological limitations, or a tricky ass twisting Asana.

Follow up thought: GRATITUDE for each breath that is so freely given.

✨ What about freedom in the mind?

Not being bound by my “shoulds” and “used to” and being content with present moment happenings. Being in observation of thoughts, without being bound to them.

Continue to check in with these layers, through your day AND especially during an Asana practice.

✨ Does your discernment and observations bring with them judgement?

For me: Sometimes! And sometimes I can notice the judge-y and stop the thought spiral in its tracks.

✨ Is there anything "else" beyond this layer of bliss?

Hmm...still sitting with this one.

Knowing (remembering) that we (I) are (am) more than any single layer, identity, followers on social media, money in my back account frees me up to notice the more subtle layers, and the simple magic.

And…my person freedom is intricately bound with YOURS.

“Until we are all free, we are none of us free. ”

~ Emma Lazarus

I don’t have the answers, or a clear path, to liberation for all. But what I do know is that the more I educate myself, have difficult conversions, and stay in question to my own personal biases and patterns; the more opportunities appear in the outer world where I can show up more clearly, and potentially make an impact.

Now it's your turn:

❓How do you personally define freedom?

✨In your physical body?

✨ In your daily life?

✨ In your breath?

✨ In your mind?

If we don’t know what we are looking for, we most likely won’t find it.

Define your personal freedom, and start of the path to your personal liberation.

Light the torch, allow others to be inspired by your sparkle.

And if your mind needs a little help in focusing, try this Mantra (Manas = mind, Tra = protection, tool)

🎵 Lokah Samastah Sukhino Bhavantu 🎵

“May all beings be happy and free. And may my thoughts, words, and actions, in someway, contribute to the happiness and freedom for all.”


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