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Holiday Madness? Hit PAUSE

After traveling for 3 weeks in tropical paradise, this whole landing in December thing has been rather rough. Even though Costa Rica was all decked out for the holidays mid-November, it still felt like a surprise to arrive at the Dallas airport and see the abundant decor from the runway.

December seems to have its own energy, and I never really had the chance to recognize it's uniqueness until this year. Previous years (prior to 2020), I did all the "normal things". Ya know, the things I've pretty done my entire life on these days. Drive to Davie County, dinner and cookie making on the Eve, and presents, coffee, and movies on the Day. Except, the past few years I started to randomly get sick. My sicknesses would have no clear origin, and usually be stomach pains, fatigue, and headaches. The great pause of 2020 allowed me to see the patterns, dredge up some repressed memories, and ultimately decide to say NO to all the things. I finally began listening to what my body has been quietly (and not-so-quietely) telling me.

Maybe it's the capitalism, or societal pressure to produce, but the frantic energy of December was palatable when I landed back in the US on December 6th. The difference this time has been me. I'm more able to sit with, and notice, the busy-ness of the times , without feeling like I'm getting run over, or that I'm missing out. Maybe it was all the monkeys I sat in watched in Costa Rica, but I feel more able to step out of the race, and tap into my own resources.

One of my biggest allies has been taking a moment to pause, breathe, and notice what is going on. There are many modalities for this profound practice, and it can be as simple as this:

Stop what you are doing (yup, put down your phone), and place your hands on your heart.

Breathe, and notice.

What do you feel?

Start with physical sensations…

Tightness or lightness, where?

Tension or ease, where?

Warm or cold, where?

Gift yourself space to honor not just the “good” stuff, but also the “other” stuff.

The concept of both AND totally applies here!

I can be both inspired AND tired.

I can be both joyous AND depressed.

I can be both abundant AND stressed.

Remember, your emotions ARE valid, and inherently neutral in their messaging.

Pretty sure I’ve experienced the spectrum of emotions these last few weeks, and sometimes, it's like that.

Just in case no one has told you: YOU matter, YOU are enough, and YOU are so f*cking magical ✨

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Hillary Joy Heath
Hillary Joy Heath
22 déc. 2021

Thank you for your insight and approachable mindful techniques. Coping with discomfort seems more accessible now.

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