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Let's Run Away Costa Rica

✨Retreat is often necessary ✨

There’s no denying that the world is a rather chaotic place, particularly in this moment.

Many days, I am reminded of my favorite childhood escape habit…

Leaving my house, going to the absolute edge of my yard (furthest away I could get without getting in trouble 😂), climb my favorite tree, and sit in silence…away from everyone else’s nonsense. 🌳

(side story: one day I came home to find that "my" tree had been tagged for removal. In protest, I climbed my tree and refused to come down. I think I lasted less than hour, and my tree was cut down. And thus began my history of peaceful protesting)

To this day, running away is still my favorite form of healing.

Hello, vacation! 🙋🏼‍♀️

Except now, I’m able to run ✈️ a little further, and often to a place with beautiful water/scenery. 😍

Leading retreats allows me the opportunity to share the joys of getting far away from the everyday nonsense, and finding some space to simply sit and be.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been almost 2 years since I’ve been to my most favorite place to retreat…Costa Rica! 🇨🇷💕✨.

Costa Rica holds a certain magic...maybe it's their attention to sustainability and the environment, or the fact that they abolished the national army in 1949!!

If escape is calling your name too, you are in luck! YOU can come with me 🎉

Our home away from home with be Driftwood - Nosara, an eco-hotel with outdoor yoga space, private bungalows with King-sized beds, and just a short walk from Playa Pelada down a jungle path 🌱

Fun fact: Nosara is considered a Biological Preserve and no building are allowed to be built in the beach.

= pristine beaches + open skies 🤩

Early bird pricing ends 9/15, and $250 is your deposit.

Join me on the first annual: Gratitude Getaway

And reboot your life! ✨

See you in paradise!


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