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Traveling With Care (Ahimsa)

Ahimsa: non-harming; and my personal guidepost for life (and travel); the foundation of the Yamas + Niyamas (the ethical principles that guide a Yogic practice - not just asana)

The world is definitely on fire, both literally and figuratively, and I’ve been sitting with a lot of guilt over planing to travel with a pandemic still circulating the globe.

And also a lot of fear over planning to travel with so much uncertainty.

When imagining my perfect business “plan” a few years ago, I had 3 main pillars of focus.

1️⃣ YTT

2️⃣ Working 1:1 with folks

3️⃣ Retreats - both international and local

How it’s actual gone ⬇️

My first solo local retreat was cancelled due to lack of sign ups..meh

And then the unimaginable happened...on Wednesday, March 18th, Costa Rica closed their borders to all travelers for the unforeseeable future....WHOA!

So we rescheduled for July...still closed.

Even writing these words now, I remember the sinking feeling of “HOLY SHIT THIS IS REAL” being extra heavy that day, as were my tears.

Since then, I’ve talked with multiple friends who have been eager to return to normal tourism, and so so ready to welcome us with open arms...but ya know, still at a safe distance.

I’ve been staying up to date with the country’s current regulations, and will happily oblige to keep this beautiful space as safe as possible.

Check this link for information regarding their registration process for their Health Pass (super easy), and other considerations.

We will be spending our resources with local guides, and businesses.

And putting much needed money back into the economy, which relies on tourism as it’s #1 revenue.

🏠 Our home away from home includes 6-private bungalows, outdoor kitchen + eating, and outdoor yoga area.

🪐There is plenty of room for folks to enjoy their personal space, and we will be the only ones on the property.

Feel free to message me with any questions, or concerns. I want you to feel comfortable, and let me figure out the details.

Early bird pricing ends 9/30 save $300 ✨

Info (more at link in bio)

The Gratitude Getaway

November 20th-27 - yes this is Thanksgiving

Nosara, Costa Rica

Options to fly into San Jose or Liberia - transportation to Nosara is included


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