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🌳 What grounds you? 🌳

The feeling of grounded isn’t something that came naturally to me.

Unless you are talking about the kind where I got in (a lot) trouble during high school…

I had to learn, and am still learning, how to ground myself.

A HUGE part of my learning comes from my Ayurveda studies, and learning more about my elemental nature.

Understanding my tendencies, coupled with seasonal shifts, has been monumental in me learning how to better take care of my unique needs.

For me, when I'm out of balance it generally feels like anxiety, overwhelm, or all the things all the time. This shows up like erratic eating patterns (grazing versus meals), inability to sit still, and wanting to lay down as a coping mechanism.

Ayurveda teaches the medicine of opposites, in order to restore balance.

My "symptoms" are mostly in the realm of vata, although a deeper dive into my life reveals the underlying push of BURN OUT, anyone?! So much fire that the spark fizzles out to create smoke.

For simplicity, let's stick with Vata. Vata = air + ether (expansive AF, and may a lil bit wild)

So the best things for those of us that are Vata-deranged are grounding, supporting, and containing....much to my free spirited heart's resistance.

When my Vata tendencies are harassed, they allow me to rise from the ashes with creative force, and magical energy.

AND...Vata is not too thrilled with being contained, so I've learned to use some support, to remind me of what grounding feels like.

A few of my favorite tools:

🌳 Watching wind blow through the treetops (bonus points when I remember this same wind fills my lungs)

🌳 Weighted blankets (new favorite thing!!)

🌳 Puppy snuggles (always my favorite thing!!)

🌳 Finger taps to my heart space (or any sort of connection to your skeletal system)

🌳 Slow, mindful yogasana (stay warm, and keep attention in your feet)

🌳 Warm food (sure, sometimes it's warm cookies)

There are many resources available for self-study, and if you are looking for someone to work with you 1:1 I would be honored to co-create with you! Check out your options to work with me here, and keep reading for some of my favorite resources.

Ayurveda products I use daily:

Some of my teachers:

Local to Charlotte?

Check out Tesia Love and Dr. Aruna Patki for specific Ayurvedic treatments and massages.


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