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Retreat: noun or verb?

Checking with my friend Webster:

Retreat (v): an act of moving back or withdrawing; the act or process of withdrawing especially from what is difficult, dangerous, or disagreeable


Retreat(n): a peaceful and private place for resting in; the period of time that you spend resting in a peaceful and private place

As the world opens back up, and we mindfully begin to move about the cabin I’ve had all the feelings as I begin to plan to travel again.

Throwback to 2020...we ALL were forced to retreat (v) into our homes, and out of our “normal” flow.

Speaking for myself: the result of this forced retreat was anything BUT peaceful, or restful.

AND it was so very necessary as last year’s situation was definitely difficult, dangerous, and disagreeable.

Current affirmation: It’s OK and SAFE to move forward.

After cancelling last year’s retreat to Costa Rica, twice, and all the other pivots. I have been facing some serious fears about making plans and moving forward.

Giving myself permission to try again, and plan for exciting adventures has been a “one step at time” practice.

So the question: Why is this Retreat stuff so important to ME? OR Why is this Retreat stuff such a valuable tool for YOU?

Checking back with Webster:

Retreat(n): a peaceful and private place for resting in; the period of time that you spend resting in a peaceful and private place

In the before times, I would tell you that travel was my therapy. And what I meant is that travel has always felt like a great clearing, or reset.

Before traveling, all the loose ends get tied up, just in case I’m not able to be reached. An out message is set in my email, and my apartment is neat and tidy. Returning I find that much of what I thought was of importance, maybe doesn’t matter so much anymore.

So what magic happens in between to create these shifts?


to be…

to feel…

to breathe…

to observe...

Each retreat I lead will be a blend of adventure and rest, movement and stillness, and opportunities to connect with the wonders of nature.

There’s so much magic in the pause, and opportunity to truly notice the present moment.

When I first planned to go to Costa Rica in 2019, I didn’t think it would live up to the hype. EVERYone I knew who had gone raved about it, and had gone back multiple times. As a person with a plan to visit as many new places as possible, I wasn’t prepared for the Pura Vida vibes to completely knock me off my surfboard.

And no, it wasn’t just the cute surfer boy that I met!

There’s a palatable heart-sense that floats in the air, and finds its way into one’s lungs, and cellular memory banks.

Fun Facts:

#1 Costa Rica abolished their national army in 1948.

#2 Costa Rica contains 5% of the world’s biodiversity.

#3 Costa Rica has one of the highest life expectancies in the world (80 years old).

#4 25% of Costa Rican land is protected by conservation efforts.

Pura Vida, the pure life, which sounded like a silly catch-phrase before visiting, somehow imprinted itself in my heart-space….AND I returned TWICE more in 2019, oops!

It's absolutely WILD that it will have been 2 years by the time I smell the sweet air once more, and I know that I will truly cherish each moment.

Whether a person chooses to retreat(v) or find a retreat(n), the privilege of traveling bears with it certain the land, to the people, and to the local plants and animals.

We will take our utmost care, and precautions to leave the space better than we found it, and follow all the local rules. The local businesses thrive on tourism AND the infrastructure can't support irresponsible visitors.

Travel, and retreat-ing, is quite the privilege and I'm grateful for folks who want to go along for the adventure with me!


November 20-27th Nosara, Costa Rica Gratitude Getaway

April 30th - May 7th Puerto Vallarta, Mexico Take A Pause


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